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Master QE Practitioner, Director

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Breathing Difficulty

Judith Harlow, Denver, CO

Judith Heath has been my first line of defense for a number of years. She has helped me enormously with a variety of problems. But none more than one recently with breathing. Since moving to Colorado and the high altitude I have been unable to breathe normally at night, so recently, I even considered seeing my doctor for a prescription for oxygen. I had greatly disturbed sleep, culminating one night witha severetightness in my chest. I suspected that I was having a heart attack it was so severe!

Judith only had to work with me at one Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy session for this and the problem was completely taken care of. I now breathe perfectly normally with no sleep disturbance.It seems pretty miraculous to me. I am so grateful.

Note: Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy is sequential in nature; one visit builds upon another. Judith had already had a bit of QE work, so when she told me about her breathing problems, I was able to directly addresssome factors affecting breathing.