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Master QE Practitioner, Director

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Closed Head Injuries, Concussions

B.T., Fort Collins, CO

I've had several sports-related concussions that caused foggy thinking, headaches, and problems with lights at night. My neurologist told me just not to get hurt anymore. QEST removed the symptoms and when I went back to sports, I didn't get re-injured as easily. I highly recommend QEST to those suffering from head injuries. - B.T., Fort Collins, CO

Note from Judith: Since 1977, we've had very positive results with Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy for head injuries. In fact that is one area where we've seen QEST excel. I didn't even realize that we were short on those testimonials until my webmaster added a search feature here. It's not the case that the successes aren't there... it's just that we didn't collect the written testimonials. I'll be adding some accounts about head injuries under Articles.

B.T.'s QE practitioner is Marina Poling.