Judith M. Heath,
Master QE Practitioner, Director

Email: judithqe@gmail.com
1113 Stoney Hill Drive, Suite C
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Longstanding Aches and Sharp Pain

QE has been the ultimate in relief.

D.A. from Nebraska

Thanks to Quantum Energetics with Judith Heath and Tasha Morris, I've gotten relief from dull aches and some sharp pains that I've had for years.

I'd fallen and had chronic pain in one hip, shoulder, back of neck and base of skull. I'd also had a hit in my jaw, plus stress and tension made it all feel worse. Some of the injuries happened in my youth and didn't bother me much at the time. But as I aged, the pain gradually got worse. Chiropractic and massage helped but QE has been the ultimate in relief. I thank the Lord for a friend who told me about QE and also for blessing Judith and Tasha for their knowledge and skill in using it!