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Master QE Practitioner, Director

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Systemic Problems, Headache, Fractured Hip, Broken Back, Injured Eye

Quantum Energetics gave me quality of life 30-some years ago when allopathic medicine and other alternative modalities completely failed.

Judith Heath, Master QE Practitioner, Director of Quantum Energetics Institute

Before Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, I'd given up. I wrote in my journal: This isn't living

I had diagnosed liver and kidney problems , along with female problems, extreme hypoglycemia and digestive system problems. My immune system was so dysfunctional that I spent 2-3 days a week sick in bed. A constant headache (with neck pain) was so severe that my chiropractor referred me to a neurologist. Immediately I spent 10 days in the hospital for tests for a brain tumor; tests revealed nothing. I left the hospital with no answers. Life was a struggle each day.

In my quest to feel better, I visited several medical specialists, chiropractors, and two osteopaths. I tried acupuncture, acupressure, Shiatsu, reflexology, polarity therapy, Reiki, homeopathy, and megavitamin / nutritional therapy--everything I could find at the time. Nothing helped.

Quantum Energetics systematically triggers the body's own healing powers. These are some of the results I've experienced with QE (also called QEST). You can probably see why I am passionate about wanting others to have the help that QE offers.

By the time I experienced Quantum Energetics in 1977, I'd given up on other modalities. Noticeable results didn't happen with one QE visit, but as I received QE over weeks, one-by-one my chronic problems dropped away and I entered a whole new chapter of my life. In addition to working full-time, I ran many 10k races, cross country events, 4 marathons, and participated in three Masters World Games. For a dozen years, I competed in nearly 3500 miles of 50 or 100 mile endurance horseback rides.

I've appreciated how QE has helped me heal quickly from many injuries. For example, in 2000 my left hip was fractured. After surgery and two screws in the femoral neck to undo the results from a horse accident, I was given strong pain medication and strict instructions to put no weight on that leg for 4 weeks.

I then received QE and within a few days was pain-free. I worked with my QE clients from a wheelchair. Ten days post surgery, my doctor said "You've healed quickly; you can put all the weight on that leg you want.” Four weeks after surgery I was even able to walk up steps onto a stage with no crutches.

In 2005, my horse freakily reared up and came down on top of my head and broke my back. I had compression fractures in T3, T4, T6, and T8 with the worst injuries being T3-4. "These fractures will take 6 weeks to heal. Don't lift anything heavy, and you're going to need this Vicadin. Well, I did need pain-killer meds for 3-4 days. On Days 1, 2, and 3, two former QE students worked with multiple injuries from head to sacrum. On Day 4, I was able to work again with clients and by the 6th day, I was out of pain. Six days instead of six weeks.

In 1988, I had remarkable results with restoration of vision via QE. I was hit in the face by a flying ice clod from the hooves of a run-away horse. The impact broke a contact lens in my right eye and I went to ER to get pieces removed. My eye healed quickly, but vision in that eye was hugely impaired. Even With glasses I could barely make out the big "E" on an eye chart and had a constant headache. After two months, I consulted a specialist. "There's a scar across your field of vision. Nothing can be done.

Finally, I received QE for subtle injuries to the bones around the rim of my eye socket (frontal, maxilla and zygomatic). The next a.m., when I put on my glasses I could see fine! My vision was identical to what it had been before the accident.

The specialist told me "Well, you still have a scar across your field of vision, but for some reason it's not affecting your vision anymore." I'm so thankful. It all happened immediately after QE for injuries to the bones adjacent to my eye injuries that were too subtle to show on any traditional tests or even to cause pain. Such is the nature of Quantum Energetics to find and work with important energy disturbances that cause symptoms - energetic disturbances that often wouldn't show on other kinds of tests.