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Extreme Breathing Difficulty

My Quantum Energetics Practitioner wishes that everyone could have the wonderful benefits of QE and I agree!

Hannalore Hein, CU Boulder Student, Boulder, CO

My first experience with QE was almost ten years ago when I was searching for some way to alleviate my lower back. I experienced how effective this means of healing can be, and recently I went back to Judith Heath for another ailment: breathing difficulties.

In October of 2009 after I started an exercise program, it became extremely hard for me to take deep breaths. I was 21, in good health, and could think of no reason why I was having trouble breathing. At one point I had difficulty walking to class or working due to the difficulty in "getting my breath".

I made a doctor's appointment and explained that regardless of whether I was moving around or sitting or standing or lying down, I felt as though I could not take a normal breath. I felt a pressure on my chest, and regardless of how I tried, it felt as though my breath was not reaching my lungs. The doctor listened to my explanation, listened to my breathing, took x-rays and told me that everything looked and sounded normal.

He told me that I could be developing exercise-induced asthma, but that more likely it was just anxiety, and gave me a prescription for Xanex which I didn't fill. I knew that my breathing difficulties were not caused by anxiety. I have had panic attacks in the past and know what stress and anxiety feel like; I was not experiencing an anxiety disorder.

I did try some medication for a few days, including an asthma inhaler, but had no improvement in breathing. I went to the emergency room four times in two weeks. They tested my blood-oxygen levels "slightly low" and again told me that everything looks normal except for the fact that I was huffing and puffing like I had just run up three flights of stairs and was could not catch my breath.

It was at this point that I found Judith Heath on Facebook. Having worked with her in the past before moving to Mexico and then the east coast til 2008, and knowing how QE promotes healing, I set up an appointment to see her. When I walked into the office on the afternoon of our scheduled appointment, I could barely explain my symptoms due to my complete lack of breath.

She did cranial work, worked with my neck, spinal cord, and also my diaphragm. She found that my 10th cranial nerve (vagus nerve) was being irritated which seemed to affect my breathing, along with other bodily processes.

I noticed an immense improvement after just one session, and saw Judith a few more times. I continue to notice improvements in my breathing and even my posture. I am able to exercise again and personally I feel 90% better than when I went for my first session.

Because of QE's help for breathing and also my previous experience with coccyx pain, I would whole heartedly recommend Judith Heath and QE to anyone suffering from any injury or physical ailment or condition. Judith's dedication, knowledge and understanding of QE is obvious and it results in her clients' lasting improvements.

Note from Judith: When Hannalore said that she was having trouble breathing, she didn't exaggerate... (see below)

In fact, when I first saw her for this problem, her breathing was more like gasping--24/7. I'd never seen anyone with breathing difficulty of this severity.