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Chronic Severe Vertigo

I can ride horses again! To say that QE and Marina have given me my life back is an understatement.

Amy, Fort Collins, CO

My name is Amy and I want to share my experience with QE and Marina Poling, in the hopes that it will give you more information and hope in your personal health journey. To say that QE and Marina have given me my life back is an understatement. When I found Marina I was at a desperate place in my life in regards to my health and well being.

A short background on me... I am a 911 Emergency Dispatcher and horseback riding is my passion and life and I love being outdoors.

Two and half years ago I had a sudden onset of Severe Vertigo (dizziness) after an abdominal surgery that left me incapacitated and in the hospital for 5 days. After many, many scary tests and lots and lots of drugs and steroids, I was sent home with little less of a diagnosis than "Time will tell" if I was going to get better. I went to my ear/nose/throat doctor and he said there was not much he could but keep me on the debilitating drugs and just give it time. He told me that in 2-5 years it may go away or I may just have to learn to live this way. Since I'm not the type of person to feel sorry for myself, he thought that I would do better living with chronic vertigo than most people.

He referred me to a physical therapist (PT) who specializes in rehabilitation for people with vertigo. I spent about 6 months working with the PT and she found that I had contracted a virus in my inner ear that had attacked my vestibular system. She said I also had developed severe chronic Benign Positional Vertigo (BPV) in both ears with all ear canals involved. Needless to say...in the medical world all these things do not happen all at once to the same person...but they did with me.

I was very proactive with weekly therapy and doing everything she recommended. I made some progress but only enough to go back to work and exist in my daily life. I refused to take all the drugs that they continually wanted to put me on... as a 911 Dispatcher I can't take those kinds of drugs while I work. By the way... did I mention we view 6 different computer screens?

I then got frustrated with my progress and sought out another nationally known Ear/Vertigo Specialist in Denver. I worked with her and her Neuro-Therapists for another 1.5 year. I made significant progress... but there were so many things in my life that I could not enjoy becaues of getting dizzy and sick.

I felt my health deteriorating on a monthly basis and I had so few days that were good and more that were "just getting thru" that I couldn't see the forest thru the trees.

I started to ride my horses again, but with some difficulties. The doctors and therapists said that this is an activity that I may not be able to do without being sick and doing so would continue to worsen my condition. WELL... not being able to ride would be like losing half of me and what I am...my whole life and passion and drive is linked to my enjoyment of my horses.

In April I went to Denver to see the Specialist and Therapist and they told me that there was nothing further they could do but a surgery that had a 20% chance of hearing loss in both ears. This would mean I would could be deaf in one or both ears and my career would be over.

That same week I had an appointment with Marina. This was the turning point in my journey when I gave myself and my health over to the care of QE and Marina.

I have been seeing Marina for some months. About three weeks into my therapy, my husband and mom asked “How are you feeling?” I thought about this question and I answered them, I feel great! Better and more like myself than I have felt in years. It was a little scary to say this out loud, as I didn't want to jinx my progress. I had gotten so used to feeling crummy, tired, dizzy and sick that I had forgotten what it felt like to enjoy my life and to look forward to living and doing ALL the things I enjoy to do so much!

It is so hard to put into words how I feel about the gift that Marina has and that she shares with her clients...but the only thing I can say is she literally has given me my health back and my life back. I thought I'd never be able to ride horses again!

Thank you for listening and I hope this gives you hope for your journey.