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Too good to be true. Oh, come on, get off it.


Janet Laurel, M.A., author HEART AND SOUL

Quantum Energetics is the most non-invasive, consistently effective hands-on healing practice I've ever worked with.

One day a friend told me about something called Quantum Energetics. "It's a kind of energy medicine," she said. (She told me some stories about QE and I thought) too good to be true. "Oh, come on, get off it," I said.

But I listened when an oncology nurse who had undergone a bone marrow transplant told me she knew about Quantum Energetics. Having gone through an bone marrow transplant, she said if she ever suffered a cancer recurrence, she would use Quantum Energetics. Her sharing changed my ideas about the technique.

I thought, "I'm not waiting for a recurrence. I'm doing something now." I made an appointment with Janey Hammond (pseudonym in Janet's book for Judith Heath) who told me a story about a woman with extensive cancer who was cured using Quantum Energetics-without any conventional medicine. (p. 52)

I said, "I want to talk to her." I called this woman, and she confirmed the story Janey had told me. Still, I remained skeptical. I thought "I don't trust that it will do all of that. Why doesn't anyone seem to know about this, if it's so good". But I told Janey, "I'll do chemo, and I'll do Quantum Energetics, and we'll see." (p. 161) Even though part of me thought, "I don't trust this. I don't trust that it will cure me" I set up a series of appointments. I made it a rule to do four appointments of whatever to see if in fact the approach helped.

Janey (Judith) herself said, "I can't make any guarantees. We'll see what we can do to change the inner environment so it's not so supportive of cancer." I went to her and experienced amazing results. (p. 52)

I first visited her office after the surgery. Janey (Judith) encouraged me to remain positive despite my awful news. I didn't tell her I had trouble feeling confident while driving due to the after-effects from anesthesia. I also didn't tell her that I had phantom pain where my breast had been. I filled a long intake form and then she interviewed me about my background and symptoms. (p. 161)

She got to work quickly, saying she was repairing any imbalances, impairments, or energetic distortions from my birth. "From my birth?" My skepticism rose but I kept quiet and just let her work.(p. 162)

I lay on a massage table while she "entered" numerical codes that represented certain energetic areas of my anatomy: the vascular system, nervous system, the bones, the lymphatics. She moved around to various parts of my body-my face, my arms, my ribs, whatever the book told her was the next thing to be tested and repaired. When the muscle testing indicated a trouble spot, she would double-check, lifting my arm, pushing gently to see if I had any strength to resist. If my arm lost strength and she could push it down easily, then she would treat the area as her book told her. Sometimes she would rest her hand on an area as her book told her. Sometimes she would rest her hand on the area and just leave it there for a certain amount of time. Or, she would have me breathe in and out to re-pattern the flow of energy.

Quantum Energetics (QE) is probably the most effective healing technique I've found and I continue to use it quite regularly.

Practitioners believe that, as in quantum physics, everything has a vibration and all vibrations are in relationship to each other. In QE every nuance in the body has an identifiable vibration, with numerical codes assigned to it. There are thousands of well-established codes kept in reference books. Using muscle testing or applied kinesiology, the practitioner identifies problems in the body. Then s/he looks up each code and finds the suggested treatment, which usually consists of a series of holds or breathing techniques to redirect energy. The holds encourage restoration of a healthy energetic balance where the distortion was. (p. 160)

An hour and a half later I left, feeling noticeably different than when I entered. I felt confident in my driving. I felt as though she had put me back in my body. And, despite the fact that I didn't tell her about the phantom pain, it never recurred. Quantum Energetics is responsible for clearing up my hot flashes more effectively than acupuncture. I also believe that QE has been effective in reducing my need for such drugs as Aredia because in 1998 and 1999 I had some scary bone mets in my spine, and my only treatment for them has been calcium and magnesium supplements and QE. I've had no noticeable progression of disease in my bones. (p. 162) Quantum Energetics often found things before they posed a problem. (p. 78)

What I Have Done to Promote Health While Confronting Disease: I have used acupuncture, homeopathy in different forms and protocols, Neuro-Emotional Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming, Thought Field Therapy, antioxidant therapy, B12 shots, psychic surgery, Bach Flower Remedies, aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Quantum Energetics, massage, Reiki, functional medicine that includes nutritional supplementation, and a consistent "Paleolithic" diet. I also did cognitive therapy, hands-on healing provided by my church, psychic entity release work, shopping therapy, restorative yoga, Qi Gong and moderate exercise when I felt up to it. (p. 154)

Quantum Energetics is the most non-invasive, consistently effective hands-on healing practice I've ever worked with.(p. 162)

Janet's doctors said that she couldn't live two years with stage four breast cancer, but she lived 10 more quality years. She helped and enriched the lives of many. See her inspiring book: HEART AND SOUL