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Since I started Quantum Energetics treatments I have come off all of my pain medication!

Following is an e-mail letter sent to Janet Laurel, founder of Cherubim Foundation and included in a recent Cherubim Newsletter. Cherubim was created to raise awareness and money to help people with reproductive cancer to receive CAM (complementary alternative modalities)

D. P., PhD

Dear Janet,
I'm writing to share that since I started Quantum Energetics treatments I have come off all of my pain medication! I had required medications for bone pain for more than 1 1/2 years. In September of 2000 metastatic breast cancer (bone) was discovered when my right humerus bone, nearly eaten away by the cancer, had begun to fracture. I was about 6 1/2 years out from my primary diagnosis so this news came as quite a shock to me. At about the same time I had begun to have pain in my back and various other aches and pains. The doctors reported that I had widespread bone metastasis involving several areas of my spine, ribs, shoulders, and beginning in my pelvis and hips.

I was given little hope of survival and care was little more than palliative. Over the next several months as my condition deteriorated I was given more and more narcotic pain medication for the increasingly excruciating pain. By spring of 2001 my cancer marker count (27.29) was up to 340 and despite wearing a Fentynal patch 24 hours a day I required supplemental dosages of narcotics for minimal daily functioning.

The medical doctors I was seeing did not think chemotherapy was going to be helpful and hormonal treatments weren't working. I was given less than one year to live. As a last hope I got yet another opinion, this time at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. The doctor there changed my treatment and within a couple of months my cancer marker counts began to decline.

Yet, I was still dealing with much pain due to the damage to my bones. The narcotic medications helped but I was left too incapacitated to move beyond minimal functioning. Without enough money to live on, and paying out of pocket for COBRA insurance, I had to go back to work. I decreased my pain medication as much as possible but was suffering much of the time, despite still wearing a patch. I had little energy for anything beyond my 1/2 work day often spending the remainder of the day resting and sleeping.

When I contacted the Cherubim Foundation you referred me to Judith Heath, a Quantum Energetics Practitioner. I began seeing her once a week. By the end of the four weeks I was able to discontinue the Fentynal patch! Words cannot describe what this means to me. I was able to take a vacation with my two sons, celebrating life, without the "badge" of cancer on my arm. It was possible to play in magnificent healing ocean waves which invigorated my heart and soul. After 1 1/2 years of being too sick to participate in life I was able to be physically active again. It was so freeing! I even tried scuba diving for the first time in my life!

Despite the fact that I am living with advanced cancer, the quality of my life has dramatically improved thanks to these treatments. Not only was I given the time and opportunity to enjoy life again, but my sons were also healed by witnessing the dramatic change in my health and vitality. We were given precious time we needed to be a peace with whatever the future holds. By the way my last cancer marker count was down to 51.

With renewed hope and happiness, I thank you, the Cherubim staff, and all of the Cherubim angels for giving me my life back.
Health & Peace.