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Master QE Practitioner, Director

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Lower Back Tightness & Muscular Pain Resolved

Richard Doyle, High Voltage Electrician

For 12-15 years, my lower back would be very tight and sore if I went more than 3 days without going for walks or doing aerobic exercise. I'd be ready to climb the walls. I'd have to do something to relieve the tightness. Going five days without activity would be really bad.

I've recently had specific QE procedures done for muscles in my lower back, hip area, and legs, as well as for some organs weakening those muscles. I had considerable weakness on my left side, compared to my right. Judith was able to show me the difference in muscle strength before and after QE procedures, using specific tests.

Now, because of a demanding work schedule, I have only walked one in ten days and my back feels ok!

Contact Judith Heath, Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy, for more information about 30 years of results that have been obtained with QE from structural and sports injuries. See: "Find a Practitioner" (CO).