Judith M. Heath,
Master QE Practitioner, Director

1113 Stoney Hill Drive, Suite C
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Quantum Energetics Institute

Quantum Energetics Institute

You will learn in an atmosphere of excitement and fun!
Study in Fort Collins at Quantum Energetics Institute with Master QEST™ Practitioner, Judith Heath. New weekend classes in Fort Collins, Colorado will begin January 25-27, 2019. E-mail or call for more information:

Learning QEST may be right for you...

If you enjoy helping people and are looking for "hands on" energy work that is rewarding and fulfilling or, if you are already a health practitioner who longs more effective results from your work with soft tissue / structural pain & dysfunction, systemic problems, as well as wanting to help your clients have increased vitality, energy, improved sense of well being, and enhanced immune response"


In Nine Weekend Intensives with Zoom classes between

Packed with classroom instruction and internship, you will learn this powerful energy healing method which we believe will help many people have improved quality of life. You will be guided through independent study of texts and will gain knowledge and expertise through classes and internship / clinic hours, as you become a QEI graduate and Practitioner of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy!

QEI is endorsed by AAEM (Association for the Advancement of Energy Medicine) and by QESTA (Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy Association) umbrella organizations of QEST Practitioners.


"QEST" and "Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™" are trademarks of Association for Energy Medicine (AAEM)

Student Packet

these files are important if you are interested in studying QEST These files are in Word doc format. Please contact us if you need a different file type.