Judith M. Heath,
Master QE Practitioner, Director

1113 Stoney Hill Drive, Suite C
Fort Collins, CO 80525

What Practitioners and Others say...

I have now been a graduate of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ Institute for more than a year and have found that doing QEST is an amazing career for helping individuals. Looking back on the classes that Judith created for our particular group, I was very impressed by the amount of valuable information we covered in each class. As part of our studies we were required to complete a minimum of 100 internship hours. This was most valuable for hands-on training, as each of us would return to classes with some new insight to share with the others. Because QEST is such a unique healing modality, the variety of clients I see is truly amazing. I would recommend this study for anyone who is truly interested in cutting edge "hands-on" healing.

Heidi Peterson

Colorado - QEI '03

"Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ is a remarkable healing method that transforms the individual's health and quality of life. My training with Judith Heath (at QEI) was one of the highlights of my professional education. The depth of her academic lessons and her true mastery of QEST made the "hands on" aspects of the training invaluable."

Nina Mihaychuk

D.M.D., Maryland - QEI '96

I highly recommend this inspired form of healing. It works!

Sinda Jordan

Author of Inspired by Angels - a book

"QEST is a fascinating health system…wonderful to learn, and powerful! Judith (at QEI) is a patient and caring instructor of great knowledge and supreme integrity. The classes & internship are stepping stones to a wonderful path of really being able to help people…the big pay-off is seeing your clients get well, as homeostasis is restored!"

Rose Bevan

Belize, Central America - QEI ' 98

"From the very early stages of my learning, I was extremely appreciative of the depth and breadth of Judith's teaching. As a QEST Practitioner, I am so grateful for her Continuing Education and new research, which has been valuable to me-especially when I've reached a plateau with a client."

Sheryl Thompson

Corporate Trainer & Developmental Coach , Colorado - WINH '93

"As QEI students, we benefited from Judith's knowledge and years of experience. She was very thorough and conscientious, helping each of us to become our best!"

Nancy Drage

Colorado - QEI '98

"Judith has designed the QEST Intensives to allow for students to start experiencing the wonderful results of QEST after just the first weekend. Because of this, I have personally been able to make a drastic difference already in the lives of a few of my clients! It is a very rewarding feeling knowing I have the knowledge to help people with their pain."

Cindy Carfore

Business Owner, Florida – QEI '03

"I feel very lucky that Judith was my instructor of QEST. The training I received at QEI was so thorough that by graduation I had established a full time QEST practice. I have worked in the field of health care for 15 years and it is exciting now to see my QEST clients receive relief from pain, recover from serious illness, and much more. Also, I love being able to do my share of supporting my family with income from my QE practice."

Tasha Morris

Colorado - QEI '01

"I credit QEST with my recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome. Now as a practitioner, I continue to use QE to monitor and maintain my health-and to help clients."

Sandy Shaw

New Mexico - WINH '95

"I think of QEST as one of the most valuable alternative therapies there is, and I think it is something that can benefit everyone. It has made a profound difference in my life."

Linda Sue Shirkey

President, Sina Care Centers, Inc.

Please refer to the QEST brochure for further explanation and better understanding of the scope of problems that have been resolved by Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™.

(Disclaimer: These are typical results reported by clients to their QE Practitioner no claims are made for Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™.)


Judith M. Heath,
Master QE Practitioner, Director

1113 Stoney Hill Drive, Suite C
Fort Collins, CO 80525