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I Learned; Look What is Possible!

Chris P. (CA)--QEI '07

November '07

"Not only is Chris our oldest QE Practitioner, but she is a lovely, gracious, young-at-heart individual who seems to have "found her own" in helping people with QE. She has really proven what is possible with strong motivation. We're so proud of this excellent new practitioner and her accomplishments...both in learning QE and in helping others!"--Judith Heath, Head QEI Instructor & Donna Carmony, QEI Instructor

I just graduated on November 11, 2007 as a QE Practitioner--at 77 yrs. old!

My journey to this point was a long one. I wasn't able to start school until I was almost 7 1/2. Then, when I was almost 16, I met the love of my life and got married, so I never went to high school. By 23, I had 3 sons. I had to do menial work all of my life to put food on the table.

In addition to physical labor, I was a caregiver for some decades. My husband was disabled from an auto accident and I his caregiver for about 10 years until he died of a massive heart attack. For a couple of years, I was the lone caregiver for my son, who at 10 was badly burned. I cared for my mom for one year before her death and for my sister most of the time for 3 yrs. before she died. Then, I gave my dad 24-7 care for 15 years until his death.

By then, I was 67, worn out and half dead myself, when I was introduced to QE. It gave me back my life--literally. I haven't felt this good for over 30 years. What if I could learn to do QE?

At age 75, I was privileged to begin Quantum Energetics Institute's classes. With my limited education, I didn't know if I could do it but I was determined to give it a try.

It wasn't easy, but has been so rewarding and actually fun to be able to use my brain instead of brawn. Best of all I am able now to help people stay healthy with quality of life. I wish I'd had this knowledge and ability long ago; it might have helped save some of my loved ones's lives. Meanwhile, I'm loving being able to help people now.

Update:  2013--Chris writes that she hopes to come to next year's QEST conference.