WHAT IS Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™?

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ is a highly organized system of energy healing. It is a powerful modality that appears to trigger the body's innate healing ability, by working with the body's ENERGETICS forces. QEST™ Practitioners believe that the basic foundational steps of QEST™ allow more energy to enter and flow through the body for healing and sustenance. Disrupted energy patterns of the energy body are assisted in regaining their force-a "recharging" that allows the return or emergence of health. QEST™ focuses on working with the foundational and ENERGETICS causes, which underlie problems rather than masking symptoms. Many appreciate QE's gentle wholistic approach.

HOW CAN Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ ASSIST ME?

Each person is different, and Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ practitioners are careful to make no claims or promises. However it is exciting to know that for more 25 years, QE clients have experienced positive, powerful improvement with diverse problems, including:

  • head injuries
  • learning disabilities
  • structural / sports injuries
  • whiplash
  • lower back pain and sciatica
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • knee pain
  • improved immune response
  • colic and failure to thrive in babies
  • hyperactivity and ADD
  • fatigue
  • metabolic disorders and syndromes, affecting:
    • circulatory
    • lymphatic
    • respiratory
    • digestive
    • endocrine
    • reproductive systems
    • various toxic reactions
  • alleviation of pain associated with injuries and cancer
  • heightened sense of well-being
  • increased clarity of thinking, and identification of problems in their incipient stages, to name a few.

QEST emphasizes overall health improvement, which results from the progressive nature of the work. Dramatic results are not uncommon with infants, people in comas, and animals, and while a positive belief system is always helpful, it is not essential for QEST to be beneficial-provided there is a willingness to receive care.

HOW DOES THE Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ PRACTITIONER KNOW WHAT TO DO?

Each Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QEST) session is different. QE has a unique "language" for getting answers from the body about which conditions are present and what should be done, thus largely eliminating guesswork by the practitioner.

This language consists of thousands of numerical codes that are used with muscle testing to get "yes" or "no" answers from the body. Codes are numbers whose vibrational frequency correspond with specific conditions that are present on the energy level. Conditions may also be present on an actual physical level, such as a fracture of a bone. However, our testing only indicates to us what we perceive as a disturbance in the ENERGETICS blueprint. In other words, the energy flowing to and through an area, organ, muscle, etc., is diminished and/or disrupted, often causing symptoms.

HOW IS Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ DONE?

The codes used along with muscle testing give information only about what can be done for the client. The actual procedures (listed in Handbooks) involve directing energy from the practitioner's hands to specific areas on the body-frequently removed from the lesion or organ being addressed. The stepping-up of energy occurs (a) as a result of the practitioner performing the corrective procedure with exacting care-by using the client's breathing to assist with movement or (b) by directing energy from the hands into a particular area of the body for a specified amount of time. Each procedure is tailored to the specific need of the client's body.

In QEST, numbers are not arbitrarily assigned to conditions, but rather are determined through exhaustive research and testing. Sometimes corrective procedures can be done out of numerical order to provide relief from a particularly distressing disturbance or injury. However there may still be a need to re-correct the ENERGETIC disturbance later when the particular code comes up in sequence. For that reason, on your next visit, your practitioner will return to "your place" in the sequence.

The cornerstone of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ is unique cranial work accomplished during a client's initial appointment. This series of ENERGETICS connections is not only foundational, but is very powerful by itself. Indeed, QEST has had profound and lasting results with cranial trauma resulting from birthing and blows to the head. QE practitioners wish that the many sufferers from blows to the head could experience QEST's potentially life-changing benefits.


Generally, no. About 95% of the steps do not have to be repeated. The reason is that Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QEST) has a unique method of "saving" the particular corrective procedure into procedural memory. This means that new things can be done at each visit, with one thing built upon another, like building blocks. The numerical sequence of the work is followed, moving from foundational and lower numbered numerical codes to codes, which correspond to thousands of possible ENERGETICS conditions.


Quantum science recognizes matter in its most elemental form to be energy. What is this "energy"? Thousands of years ago, sages called this energy "prana" or "chi" or "ki". It is commonly agreed that this energy is the life force. It is too small or etheric to be quantified or perceived by any kind of instrument or measuring device to date, however part of the energy body has apparently been seen on film through Kirlian photography. Some people are able to see this etheric energy with their eye, but most of us cannot see it.

Our bodies seem to be intricately related grid systems with energies at different levels of densification. If misaligned (through trauma, shock, emotions, etc.), the mesh of the grid systems becomes blocked, creating problems. Because our bodies are composed of energy, they are affected by energy. Disruptions can be caused by birth trauma, physical injuries, stress, and other imbalances. Head injuries, even those not causing unconsciousness, are particularly significant to the disruption of energy flow and can create affects in various parts of the body even years later. The obvious question is "Why would these disruptions stay? Why wouldn't the body "self-heal"? Well, it seems that once these disruptions are present, they are perpetuated by cellular memory, and as a result, the genesis of new cells carries with it the memory of prior disorganization.

Any disruption in the energy grid results in a reduced flow of energy to and through the corresponding part of the physical body. This situation in turn results in less healing and less sustaining energy being available. If the disruption is significant, it may manifest as disease or impaired function. Our experience is that systematic work done by the QE practitioner assists the body to restore life-flow through the energy grid work. Thus, with optimal energy, health and function can return, and a higher quality of living can be enjoyed.

WHAT IS THE ORIGIN AND FUTURE OF Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™?

Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ (QEST) began through the work of applied Kinesiology practitioners in the United States. Some theorize that QE had its origin in antiquity, but we have no proof of that. We do know that it has helped to change thousands of lives for more than a quarter of a century. We believe that it is a vibrantly alive work that is destined to blossom and grow, eventually helping many, many more people. As mentioned in the book Brainlash, Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ is a powerful emerging healing method.

HOW ARE Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ PRACTITIONERS TRAINED?

QEST is not quickly learned in a weekend seminar, but rather it is learned through extensive training programs. Students who successfully complete the training program and internship requirements (up to two years) are then certified as "Practitioners" through INPA (International New Physiology Association). Certification is maintained after graduation through continuing education classes on a yearly basis. By offering continuous education to certified practitioners both clients and practitioners are assured the benefits of the most current research and corrective procedures available. (Also see About QEI & About Us…this website, and www.quantumEnergetics.com).

HOW DO I FIND A Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy™ PRACTITIONER?

Certified QE practitioners are located in a number of states in the US and some have also worked with QE clients other countries-Belize, Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden, and England, for example. QE is continuously expanding into new geographical areas to serve the needs of a growing number of clients interested in experiencing this gentle, health enhancing modality. To find a practitioner in your area, click on the "Find a Practitioner" link.