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Breast Tumor Gone with Quantum Energetics

I attribute the remarkable disappearance of a breast tumor to QE.

When I was in my late 20’s, a lump was discovered in my right breast during a routine exam. A subsequent mammogram showed a 2-inch tumor resembling an octopus with 5 tentacles growing from armpit to nipple and wrapped around my 6th rib. A second mammogram and ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis. My doctor wanted to schedule surgery in 2 weeks to remove breast, muscle and 6th rib, and then follow the surgery by chemotherapy.

Because of my many allergies, especially to prescription medications, I feared I would not survive chemo, and surgery without pain meds was not an option I cared to explore. I bargained with my doctor for more time, who agreed only to take another mammogram in 2 weeks before the surgery.

My Quantum Energetics™ practitioner (a graduate of QEI) started doing sessions 2-3 times a week, working with lesions in the breast from other “swellings”, multiple rib fractures, and boosting lymphatic function as she progressed through “the work”.

In two weeks the tumor had shrunk only slightly. My doctor was not impressed. She reluctantly agreed to give me another two weeks against her better judgment. In two weeks the tumor had shrunk noticeably. The doctor agreed to wait a month. At the end of the month the tumor was ¼ to ½ inch—almost gone. Six weeks later the tumor was completely gone.

Mammograms repeated every month for six months remained clear.

I attribute my recovery to QE. Throughout the ordeal I stayed active--doing karate, kickboxing and weight training. I made some dietary changes and saw a chiropractor for adjustments elsewhere in my body, but QE was the major modality.

I now have an active QE practice in Lakewood, CO. For years, I have been very involved with helping to teach Quantum Energetics and will be starting to teach my own class soon.

And, I am still active in sports! I believe that none of this would have been possible without Quantum Energetics.


(as told to Sandy Shaw) Tasha is a master practitioner of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy. See "Find a Practitioner" to contact her (CO) or Sandy Shaw (NM).

   - Tasha Morris, LPN / QE Practitioner

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