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Knee & Hip Pain; Anxiety & Heart Palpitations

This experience is shared by someone worked with by a second year QEI student: Raesha Sell, of Sundance,  WY.

For approximately three years, I experienced knee and hip pain due to a long fall I took when hiking.  I was unable to wear anything other than athletic shoes and still experienced knee and hip pain.   It was very difficult to stand and walk after sitting for more than a few minutes because of the pain in my hips.  The pain and weakness in my knee made me very apprehensive about participating in many activities, such as ice-skating, out of fear of further injury.

I was also experiencing debilitating anxiety with heart palpitations approximately every thirty seconds, all day, and waking several times per night due to heart palpitations. 

Raesha has been very attentive, empathetic and concerned with the issues I was experiencing. 

The first noticeable outcome came from my first QEST treatment - the heart palpitations were completely eliminated which has enabled me to quit smoking.

After two visits I no longer experienced knee or hip pain, and was finally able to wear sandals and dress shoes. 

I am able to sit in my office chair as long as needed and am then able to move without pain when I stand and walk. 

Keep an open mind and optimistic outlook, QEST can improve your life!

   - Bonnie

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