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Brain Fog, Fatigue, Trouble Walking, Extreme Pain in Legs

When I went for my first QEST session, I was more than ready for help because I'd had a steady decline for over three years.

I’d stopped playing tennis and swimming (couldn’t get from car to the pool).  I’d just quit a good job because my brain no longer seemed responsive.  To grasp a concept I had to write it down 3-10 times. Sometimes words escaped me.  I was so fatigued that I’d come home and fall asleep for 10 to 12 hours - with my clothes still on.  During this time my legs didn’t “work”.  When I could walk, my legs felt like stilts with no flexibility.  There was immense radiating pain in the calves, shins, knees and ankles.  Stairs were too much so I moved my bedroom to the living room. Going to the grocery store was a nightmare. I had to calculate my "high" time of the day, get in my car, estimate the amount of steps to the store and try to get to the first aisle by the door. Sometimes I could walk two aisles but never three as by then I’d be totally exhausted. I had to plan one event at a time: food, putting gas in my car, going to the bank or post office.  Then: 10 hours of sleep. My family was baffled and concerned.

Acupuncture had been helpful although sometimes I could only make it back to my car by gripping walls and railings.  The same happened after massage or any relaxing treatment. It got so bad I had to weigh receiving treatment with available energy, as I was constantly exhausted and staying in my bed.

 Making meals? Too tired to stand at the sink, counter or stove. Forget doing dishes! I couldn’t make my bed for six months. If I had energy to tear it apart I did not have the energy to wash, dry and put clean sheets back on. My weight gain was and still is substantial. Everyone thinks "Oh you should just try a little exercise".  Well, I would sit in my car outside the indoor pool and cry because I knew if I had the energy to get into the pool I knew I would have a hard time getting back to my car.

In February, I witnessed a friend receiving QEST care for a painful foot. After watching Judith effortlessly work I made an appointment immediately.  (I checked with my friend the next day.  She’d recovered just in time to fly to Bali where she loved long walks on the beach.)

Still I wasn't very hopeful when I went for my first QEST appointment in February 2.   That day I even had to gage how to get to the front door and into her office. How many steps? What if she works on me so hard I won't be able to make it back to the car? Will I have enough energy to get home, to get from the car to the house? How many steps to the bed? How many hours will I need to sleep after this treatment?

Judith asked detailed questions about my birth and any head or neck injuries going back 40 years. I had forgotten or entirely discounted many things. WOW, come to find out they seemed involved with my inability to walk and to think.

After a few QEST sessions, I was walking with very little pain. I had gone from a pain scale of 10 to 2 and I was so happy! I still was walking somewhat stiffly (think Herman Munster) but I began to live a little. Still no stairs but I had a renewed sense of hope.  By April 30th I was pain-free and walking short distances. I even walked down the airport concourse on a trip for the first time in 3 years. At night I no longer clutched the wall to get to the bathroom. I still slept quite a bit but not as much. No flights of stairs yet. In early May I left for a month of cross country travel to visit family. I drove quite a bit, and stayed in flat-entranced hotels. So glad to be able to do that.

I’ll continue return for QEST sessions.  I want the stiffness to do go away entirely and regain more ground that I feel is lost in my brain.

Judith is compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate about seeing your healing.  I have never met a practitioner who loves to get to the origin of the issue and address it so quickly. I am grateful to my friend for dragging me there. I appreciate everything Judith is doing for me and for our family. There are healers and then there are master healers, Judith is all of that and more!

Thank you for letting me share my journey. This IS the best thing I have ever done for my physical condition!

Our bodies are designed to heal!

   - Valerie Moore, Fort Collins, CO

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