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Extreme Menstrual Problems Ended with QEST

...and gives me back a normal life.

Since the age of 12 when I first started my menstrual cycle, I had persistent cramps and vomiting on the first day of every period, which lasted from 8-15 hours. As years passed, the periods got worse and I'd have episodes where I would pass out. I am an otherwise healthy person and no one could give me an explanation of why I got so sick on the first day of my period. The extreme symptoms I had became a huge quality-of-life issue; I had to schedule events, trips, and other activities around my period. I knew that for at least one day each month I would be totally incapacitated. Devastated, I was willing to try anything.

By the age of 27, I had been to every conceivable place for help. I saw conventional doctors, acupuncturists, Chinese herbal medicine doctors, homeopaths, naturopaths, neurologists, cranial sacral practitioners, hypnotherapists, and past-life regression therapists. (A gynecologist told me that I would just have to take pain prescriptions for the rest of my menstruating life. Not only did I not want to do that, but pain pills are of no help when one is vomiting frequently.) I tried yoga, changing my diet, meditation, and visualization, all to no avail. Gradually, it got to the point that my employer asked me not to come into work if I was going to have my period, as the staff had found me twice, passed out on the bathroom floor.

I also got to the point of dreading talking to one more person about my problem. When treatments didn't work, practitioners would run out of things to try and get frustrated themselves and with me. I didn't feel that they were willing or motivated to stay with my case. Also, I never felt that anyone I went to truly understood the severity of my problem or the way this problem was affecting my life.

Therefore, I has almost given up trying to find help when I learned of QE. My mother gave me the information and I made an appointment very reluctantly and with very few expectations. I felt like this was either a last resort or more money down the drain.

I was impressed with the time that Judith took to really understand the nature of my problem and its effects on my life. I felt I was being taken seriously. After experiencing such a calm, non-invasive, relaxing session, I waited with anticipation for my next period to see if QE had any effect.

When my next period arrived, I had some nausea and mild cramping, but for the first time since the age of 12, I did not vomit. I was able to go about my day and did not have to miss work. For me this was absolutely amazing, especially given the severity of my symptoms over the last 15 years. To my utter surprise and delight, my next period was totally normal: no vomiting, nausea, or cramping. For the next few years I would experience cycle after cycle of normal periods. I cannot explain the sense of relief and excitement I felt. Sometime in the second year of having "good" periods, it hit me that I wasn't planning my life around them anymore and that I had been given such an incredible gift of freedom to be able to take that for granted.

I initially had two long QE sessions during my vacation and then returned to my home on the East coast. I saw Judith once the following summer. Then some years passed with no Quantum Energetics. In the past 5 years, I have had only two bad episodes with my periods and otherwise have been painfree and normal. I moved to Denver and saw Judith this summer. When I reported some symptoms, instead of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, she was even more committed to helping me. She is genuinely concerned and invested in helping me with my problem. She is the first pracitioner I have worked with that is a true partner in my health and I am so grateful to her and QE.

I am certain that any QEST practitioner (who had the resources I worked with) would have been able to help Kari in the same way.--Judith Heath

   - Kari Knutson, teacher / business owner, Denver, CO

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