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Osteoporosis, Kyphosis, Gut Health, Quality of Life

for 85 yr old retired teacher, as shared by Eve Hayes, QEI graduate.

X.X. is an 85 yr. old retired teacher who has had several significant injuries. I also thought this was significant from her health history: She grew up in the dust bowl days in the panhandle of Texas. Many people died of dust pneumonia and her dad died of tuberculosis.

Presenting Complaints: Diagnosis of osteoporosis with significant loss of range of motion in neck and shoulders as well as stooping of thoracic spine. Walks with aid of a cane. She wants to try QEST to see if it will ease pain and strengthen her spine.

I've done many QEST procedures for her intervertebral vertebrae, sacrum, pelvis, discs. It became clear as I went through our sequential work that her gut health seemed to underlie problems with her bones and she work I did for that really helped her. She developed a staph infection in her leg and I worked with that.

X.X. has improved over time as I've gotten her checked and worked through our basic handbook. Her staph infection is gone and she is planning to visit her family in Kentucky for Christmas. Last year at this time she said she didn't think she'd ever again be well enough to travel. I believe that QEST is gradually strengthening her back and improving her gut health and immune system. Her chiropractor says that her spine is staying in alignment for longer periods of time. She is continuing with me as I check her for newer codes / procedures. X.X. is an avid supporter of QEST and has referred several people to me. I feel happy that I can help her have an improved quality of life.

   - Eve Hayes, QEST Practitioner, QEST Practitioner

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