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Ear Infections? Tubes? Not with QEST!

She'd been loaded with antibiotics and the next step was to put tubes in her ears....read on to see how this baby's health improved dramatically.  Now she's a vital 22 yr. old graduate student.

From age 1 month to age 9 months, I took Tanya to the doctor every month for ear infections. The doctor changed her antibiotics every month, trying to find the one that would kill the bacteria, but she seemed to have a super bug. When we saw the doctor the 9th time, he said Tanya had to get tubes in her ears. I told a friend about Tanya's ears, and she recommended I take Tanya to see Judith.

I was VERY skeptical. I took Tanya in and sat her in my lap. Judith tapped on Tanya in different locations and tested the results of her work by pushing down on my extended arm (you see, I was a surrogate for Tanya). I was really skeptical about this! "This is not gonna work....dumb" I thought.  It took about 45 minutes and didn't cost much and we left.

After a few days, I took Tanya back to the doctor to see how her ears were looking. When the doctor opened up Tanya's chart he said, "Oh great you got the tubes." GET TUBES! had been written in her chart in black magic marker.  I said that I did not.  I just wanted him to look in her ears again before I did that. He looked into one ear and said her ear was absolutely perfect! The doctor said that he  can always tell if a child has had infections for the next year after the infection is over. He said the redness and scars remain for a full year, even if the infection is gone. But he said her ear showed NO signs at all of previous infections! He said "her ear is perfect...but lets look at the other." He then looked in her other ear and said it was also perfect.

He just couldn't believe what he was seeing so he left to get the other doctor in the office who had also seen Tanya during those 9 months.  He wanted him to see this miracle also.

After they both looked in her ears, I told them what Tanya and I had done (Quantum Energetics). They were quite surprised and very pleased with the results. And one asked for Judith's business card.

Tanya is now 22 years old and has only had 2 ear infections in the last 21 years and 3 months. She was around 8 years old when she had some ear infection. But No tubes. No more ear pain. No more antibiotics.  Thanks to Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy!

   - Carol Mardinly, National Tour Guide

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