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Bladder Pain, Anxiety Attacks, Arthritis, Neck-Back-Hip Pain, Swallowing

We highly recommend Quantum Energetics and Jan R.  She is a wonderful, knowledgable practitioner.

My health concerns have been inflamed bladder, hernia, panic and anxiety .  In addition, I've had painful arthritis especially in my neck (it hurt all of the time).  Doctors said I had arthritis in my upper thoracic spine and neck.  I  had pain in my hips and could never go for walks.  I also had trouble swallowing.

Today, November 2010, I have no pain in my bladder, neck, back, or hips--thanks to QE and Jan.  I'm able to exercise (1 to 1.5 miles), enjoy being pain-free at 66, and my swallowing is o.k.   We will continue to have sessions.  Thank you!

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C.F. had polio as an infant. 

   - C.F., Aurora, CO, retired

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