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Vision Improvement!

My husband's vision with his donor cornea is better than it's been in many years!  Now he can read with both eyes.

My nearly 78 yr. old husband, G. had a corneal transplant in the 1980's. While he had vision in that right eye, he could never see well enough to read with it. So he relied on his left eye for reading. Unfortunately, about 2 years ago, that "good" eye had gradually failed, leaving him unable to read at all. He felt depressed and had feelings about a dim future.

He began receiving QEST about 7 months ago from Jan of Fort Collins. She found a great deal of work to do on his head, as well as with things affecting the dura mater, stemming from a severe head injury in 1958. The QEST work has improved his alertness and energy and he seems younger. He looks forward to his walks, sings and hums as he goes about his daily chores, feels optimistic, and wants to do more things in our lives.

After the QEST cranial / facial work done at the first visit, he could read. The most exciting news is this: at his last eye test, his doctor was amazed with the vision improvement in eyes. He's now thrilled to be able to read again, with his left eye and also with his right eye (with the donor cornea)! The doctor was so surprised and asked him to read the chart again. She asked what he did to be able to read with that eye. After all of these years, that eye is working better than it ever did. He is continuing Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy with Jan.

   - Carol, Aurora, CO

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