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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Note from Judith:  No claims are made for Quantum Energetics (aka Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy).  I thought that this little girl could have positive results with QE and she responded even more quickly than I expected.

My daughter, age 6, was on prescription liquid pain medication twice a day for 4 years, for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  She’d been on this medication since her diagnosis at age 2.  In the spring of 2009 her doctor suggested putting her in the hospital, sedating her and injecting her joints with steroids.  

I didn’t want that to happen…and it didn’t.  After an appointment with Judith Heath for Quantum Energetics, my daughter’s pain was considerably better.  After two QE visits, she no longer needed pain medication.  At a regularly scheduled visit with her rheumatologist, the doctor examined, palpated, questioned her, watched her run and then declared her in complete remission. 

After 3 QE visits, she began running and playing as she’d never done in her life.  She has now gone through an entire summer, fall, winter, and spring and feels good.  Her pain medication is still in the refrigerator--unused.  

Because of Quantum Energetics, my little girl has been able to have a much more active life off pain medication than she ever able had before on meds. It is wonderful.  I am so thankful and recommend that others try this option of QE.

   - James Dodge, Pre-Paid Legal, Fort Collins, CO ~~ http://www.teamjdandassociates.com

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