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Severe Sciatica

“The Monday before Christmas, I woke up with a severely pinched sciatic nerve. There was terrible pain radiating down my left leg. Over the next several hours, it became so severe that I started to go into shock. I would shake and get alternating sweats and chills.

I was able to get an appointment with Judith Heath for QE for Tuesday night and was in so much pain that I had to have someone drive me to the appointment. She worked with me for 2 hours. There was no change in the pain, so she recommended that I go the emergency room for some pain relief. After I had waited in ER for about three hours, the pain diminished by about 75% and then was gone by the time I was seen. Apparently, the work Judith had done earlier that evening “kicked in”. The next day pain returned about 15% and by the time I saw Judith the following week, it was up to 30-40% of what it had been.

Usually, a client's progress with Quantum Energetics is like this. It would generally not be graphed as a straight line upward, but rather by a ziz-zaggy upward line, gradually moving toward symptom relief and health as layers of factors are addressed.


So I continued to have QE weekly. The pain and the pins & needles sensation gradually diminished to the point where it is now all gone. Judith has found and worked with many, many tiny hairline “fractures” throughout my body—due to many figure-skating falls (24 years of falls!). I also had bad torquing in my hip which is now gone. Soon I was able to go back to doing my favorite rollback spins.

That so much healing has been accomplished in a couple of months—when I was damaged and hurting so badly—is a testimony to the power of Quantum Energetics.”


   - A. ~ Figure Skating Instructor ~~Denver, CO

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