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Carsickness, Neck Pain, Headaches, and more....

I’ve tried many (things)...and QE (Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy) has helped me the most. Now it’s so good to not have the awful neck and upper back pain constantly . Or headaches and stomach pain. Or car sickness.

Before QEST, it was kind of miserable. By the time I was 8, I’d been in 6 car accidents (yes, that's unusual) and as far back as I can remember, I had these pains: Lots of neck pain, upper back pain, bad headaches, and pressure on the top of my head. Except for general check-ups, my parents had stopped taking me to doctors because nothing helped.

After my first QEST visit, my neck didn’t hurt as much and I could tip my head back. I could breathe deeper. After a lot more QEST visits, my neck and back don’t hurt! And I don’t have headaches.

Before, I always got carsick. With every single bump I’d feel like I was going to throw up or explode. If I was in a car for an hour, I’d usually throw up. I had to carry a bag with me in the car. Now I don’t get carsick and I don’t feel embarrassed. Last summer, I went on a very long car trip with my family with no problems. I even read in the car without getting sick!

For years, I had trouble going to sleep. Sometimes the headaches would come on in the night and wake me up. Now I never get awakened in the night with pain—unless I fall off the bed! I used to sometimes feel dizzy and feel like I was falling backward. Not now. No more dizziness.

Most days, my stomach hurt a lot. Sometimes before eating lunch at school I’d feel like I might throw up. My stomach doesn’t hurt anymore unless I eat or drink something bad.

I couldn’t do a lot of things my friends could do. Now, I can do a cartwheel without getting a stabbing pain in my back. My back feels better so I can touch my foot to my head. I can do so many more things than before and I don’t feel as tired.

In general, I feel good and more confident because I’m not in pain. I haven’t felt this good for almost my entire life.


   - --B., age 11, Colorado

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