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Tailbone Injury / Pain

I believe that everyone should experience the wondrous healing powers of Quantum Energetics!

I have reaped the benefits of this practice and would like to share my experience.

While playing basketball in the 7th grade, I fell and badly bruised my tail bone and lower back. The pain was almost unbearable. I could barely walk; I could only take 3-4 inch steps. I could not go down stairs without excruciating pain and getting in and out of the car was almost impossible. When I was told by traditional doctors that no bones were broken and there was really nothing they could do for me, my mother began searching for other options to help with my daily pain.

For my first QE appointment, I remember being carried into Judith Heath's office. At the time I was only 12 years old, and could not really grasp the concept behind QE, but I was willing to try anything. Judith did cranial work, muscle testing and energy holds to stimulate my body's healing. At the end of that first session, I walked down the hall, strode right of her office, and got into the car! Both my mother and I were ecstatic about the results. By the end of my third session, I was pain free.

I am now 22 years old and have no pain associated with my tail bone or lower back. I have come to understand QE as a means of realigning your own body’s energies in order to promote natural healing, and I believe that this type of work could benefit anyone suffering from minor injuries or major injuries that cause debilitating pain.

Note from Judith: Results with Quantum Energetics are not always this immediate--although we are so grateful when they are! Our work dictates an order and while we can step out of order to address acute problems, we still work sequentually, at more than one visit, to best help our clients.

Also from Judith: Many experience the value of "maintenance QE" after their initial problems are resolved, since we don't live in a perfect world that's free of accumulated injuries and other assults to our bodies.

   - Hannalore Hein, CU Boulder Student, Boulder, CO

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