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Deafness Helped by Quantum Energetics

Over the last 2 ½ years I’ve believed that I would find a healing modality that would help me return to a fully functioning and socially active life, despite the grim prognosis declared by medical specialists—deafness. The only modality that I believe to have been effective has been Quantum Energetics (Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy).

I have worked with my general practitioner, otolaryngologists, audiologists, an endocrinologist, chiropractors, an applied kinesiologist, a naturopath, acupuncturists, massage therapists, and physical therapists. I have tried Emotional Release, Structural Energetic Therapy, cold laser, Emotional Freedom Technique, a variety of diets, meditation, and yoga.

I have had hearing issues off and on for over 10 years (about 10 years after being diagnosed with Meniere's disease). Seven years ago, the hearing loss started to become more significant and frequent. As a classroom teacher, deafness was an unthinkable condition. I was lucky enough to have a principal who moved me from the classroom setting to teaching in a small group setting. But when my hearing deteriorated to the point where I just couldn't hear the children around a small table, I had to retire. After retirement I tried volunteering, but sadly quit because of the frustration experienced while trying to work with students one on one.

I ended up not being able to communicate most of the time. During the first two years of retirement, before starting QEST, my hearing fluctuated all day long, but was most typically distorted so that people's voices sounded as though they were coming in between stations on the radio dial. Music was unrecognizable. Occasionally I could not hear environmental sounds such as my own footsteps on the floor or a ringing phone, and at its worst, even my own breathing or voice. To my great relief, sometimes one ear would hear clearly for a few hours at a time.

Due to the unpredictable and profound nature of my hearing fluctuations, I had a great deal of anxiety about participating in so many of life's activities. I look the same regardless of the level of my hearing impairment so people approach me expecting me to hear them. (The crazy thing was, that sometimes I could, but even mid-conversation I could lose them.) It was always difficult to decide when to fake it and when to let someone know that I was missing everything they were saying.

Now, after receiving QEST from Marina Poling, I am back as a volunteer helping kindergarten students learn to read. I work with four small groups, and have been able to hear them every session. I can converse casually with my neighbors instead of avoiding them. I can make phone calls to take care of business when the need arises. I can chat with the cashier and bagger at the grocery store instead of using the self-serve, while praying that there isn't a problem that requires a conversation with the monitor there. I can accompany friends to the movie theater and to be able to hear what's said. I can understand the voices on the TV and radio instead of hearing static. I can understand the exercise or yoga class instructors instead of getting the instructions by watching. I can understand friends in a restaurant setting and at my book club meetings.

I have much more limited episodes of hearing loss, and my worst hearing is well above the best level experienced pre-QEST. And when I do have impaired hearing, I can get satisfactory results from the hearing aids that previously were not able to make speech intelligible to me. I am still healing, and hope to have complete and clear hearing in both ears in the near future.

QEST has changed my life. The isolation and anxiety are in the past. I am engaged again. I recommend giving QE a try. I hope you get the results for which you dare to dream. 

(Note:  Before QEST, Kathy also experienced vertigo.  It was gone after the first QEST sessions.)


   - Kathy Dickson, Retired Teacher, Fort Collins, CO

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