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Horses Get Impressive Results with Quantum Energetics

Nicole is one of many Quantum Energetics Practitioners who has achieved dramatic results with animals. Animals do not improve because of a placebo effect, so the outcome speaks loudly of the great efficacy of QEST (Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy).

Nicole has a sizable Quantum Energetics practice working with horses, as well as people, in the Denver area.

Owners notice that the horses' temperament and attitude toward people changes positively. After QE, some people experience that their horses will do everything that the rider is asking because their back is no longer hurting. When in pain, horses feel irritated and don't want to be bothered. Lots of people don't see their horses' irritability as a cry for help which is unfortunate. Horses will perform for hours if they don't have pain.

Nicole sees accelerated healing from injuries. A farrier asked how she got a hoof to grow back so fast. Using QE, the horse's injury improved and the hoof grew out quickly.

One farrier began referring horses to Nicole before she ever met him. He had noticed that some horses were easier to shoe because their attitude had changed. They were more cooperative, more willing to stand quietly for him. He asked the owners why and was told that "All the horses on your list are horses that Nicole has worked using Quantum Energetics". Soon he wanted to have her practice QE with all new horses before he shod them.

A trainer commented that some horses seemed "mentally incabable of taking signals--like they had a mental block". After QE, they became much better.

Nicole is a 2002 graduate of Quantum Energetics Institute and works in the Denver area.

   - Nicole Eaton, CO

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