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Soccer Injury

I remembered QE...and soon my daughter was quickly able to resume her athletic activities.

"My daughter had a chest injury during an indoor soccer game. She had problems breathing, so we took her to the emergency room, and after x-ray and examination, the doctors weren't quite certain what happened.

No bone fractures were shown, so they suspected several things related to the impact and even exercise induced asthma. NSAIDs were recommended and we went home. The condition didn't improve.

Well ... after 2 months of several doctor visits (including emergency doctor, family doctor, orthopedist and allergy specialist), and $1,800 later (including MRI), I remembered about QE (Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy), so we had one appointment with Marina Poling.

Marina explained to me that there were QE codes showing a displacement, of the sternum. She then treated via QE, and we went home. Later at night, I got a call from the lab telling me that the MRI didn't show any fractures, but did show a small dislocation of the sternum. Wow!!

After the QE session, my daughter didn't have to take NSAIDs for pain anymore, and within a week was able to resume her normal athletic activities without chest pain.

So, to me, the bottom line is that QE found and fixed (in one session)what it took a lot of hours during these two months, medication, and approximately $1,800, with NO positive results (by following my health insurance provider recommendations). Thank you!"

Marina Poling is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics in Fort Collins, CO. She graduated from Quantum Energetics Institute in 2002 and now assists with classes.

   - Dan Silva - PCNS Director at Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO

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