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Impressive Recovery from Hip Surgery

...More Health Benefits...and Looking Younger

In 1988, I had my first treatment with Judith Heath. A month afterwards, I saw a friend whom I'd not seen for four or five months, who blurted our in astonishment, "Roberta, what have you done? You look ten years younger!"

With regular QE treatments, the numerous health problems that had accrued over nearly 60 years were dramatically overcome.
After a year even the strength of my strong glasses had to be reduced by half, even though the eyes per se had never been treated. A year later the strength was cut in half again.

Old back and hip injuries with serious bone loss could not completely be overcome and finally required hip surgeries. Because of early post-surgery attention from Judith, the surgeon's staff declared me "the 'poster girl' for hip replacements." With almost immediate QE help after the second surgery, I climbed 5 steps on the third day after surgery. The surgeon in wonder declared, "Well, you breezed through this one!"

   - Roberta van Schilfgaarde, Fort Collins, CO

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