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Improvement from Head Injury ...34 Years Later

and regaining of use of my arm

At age 18, I was kicked in the head by a horse. When I awakened from a 2 week coma, my left arm was paralyzed against my side for about a year. Over the years (I'm 52) I could use my left arm, but it was always very slow to respond.

Since having QE from Judith Heath a few months ago, my arm movements are more fluid and free. I first noticed the difference when driving. My arm doesn't seem locked up and my reaction time has quickened. Previously, my left arm felt numb; now, since QE, it also has more feeling.

I'm grateful for the change after all of these years after my head injury.  I'd recommend that others with head injuries try QE.

Judith is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy in Colorado. Contact her to learn how this valuable work can help you or a loved one to recover from head injury.

   - Pat W., Fort Collins, CO

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