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Intense Neck Pain - Arm Pain Alleviated with QE

Christopher received QE from Julie Van Der Linden of Anza, CA, who is a was (at the time) a student of Quantum Energetics Institute with classes in Temecula, CA. Julie is now a QE Practitioner and may be contacted via "Find a Practitioner", this site.  C. received powerful results when Julie did basic foundational steps in QE and then followed with QE's tailor-made approach.

The pain was electric in nature. It originated from the base of my neck and ran down my left arm into my finger tips. I suffered for almost an entire month, and was forced to sleep (when I could), in an upright position.

That's when an angel was introduced into my life. Within minutes of lying down on her treatment table, Julie's magic hands turned off the pain as quickly as one would turn off a light switch. It happened that fast! I didn't understand it. I would never have believed it possible. But with tears of gratitude in my eyes, I was eternally grateful.

With the pain eliminated, we went to work on the other parts of my 47 year old body and together started to put the rest of my health back on the road it was intended to be on.-- Christopher Breceda, CA


   - Christopher Breceda, CA

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