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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Resolved with QE

I had carpal tunnel syndrome for 10 years in both hands. It was much worse in my right hand, and in 2002, I had open carpal tunnel release surgery as well as a ganglion cyst removed from right wrist. The day after surgery, the carpal tunnel pain was greatly improved, but the medial nerve was on fire and my two middle fingers were numb.

After 6 weeks of physical therapy and a year of waiting, I went to a second surgeon. He tried 6 weeks of occupational therapy and 3 months of cortisone injections. Then he did surgery—1 ½ years after my first surgery. This reduced the burning pain by 50%, but I began to have muscle cramps and shooting pain in my right hand. I had similar symptoms develop in my left hand as well. The pain would come and go on a daily basis, and when present, it was so bad that I was not able to use my hands.

After my first Quantum Energetics session, the pain in my hands diminished by half. I had two more QE sessions and now the pain is basically gone.

I can’t believe that this gentle, relaxing method could bring such amazing relief of pain. In addition, I am sleeping more soundly. I look forward to my next QE visits.

Jacqui's QE was done by students at Quantum Energetics Institute. See "About the Institute" for more information on this program.

   - Jacqui Tuttle, Patient Account Mgr.

at an ambulatory surgery center, Fort Collins, CO


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