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Brain Fog, Fatigue, Trouble Walking, Extreme Pain in Legs
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Learning Difficulties, Fine Motor Skills, Seizures, Immunity
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Learning Difficulties, Fine Motor Skills, Seizures, Immunity

Remarkable progress with a client as recounted by QEI graduate, Eve Hayes, QEST Practitioner.

Eve Hayes, Amarillo, TX

I.H. is an 11 yr. old client with a very complicated medical history. She was born with hypoplastic left heart so the left side that should oxygenate the blood before going to organs had not developed properly and so was not functioning adequately. Thirty years ago there was no surgical treatment for this condition. Fortunately, she was able to undergo her first surgical procedure at just four days old.So that she could survive, the process required three surgeries--the Glenn, Norwood, and Fontaine, done in stages over a period of 5 years. Also due to lowered oxygen levels, she is immune compromised and therefore prone to serious infections.

The infections can cause blood to become septic, rapidly inducing seizures. I.H. was unable to take seizure medicines because she has allergic reactions to them. She was diagnosed with Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome that means the septic condition in her blood can cause organ failure. As one doctor put "She is very delicate"

She is on daily medication: Enalapril 2.5 mg 2x a day to improve contractility of the heart, Lasix 1.5 mg 1x a day to release excess fluid and one 81 mg. aspirin a day to thin blood and prevent clotting.

Years ago her prognosis would be very grim. Now many of these kids' are in their 30's as the medical community seeks to find ways to help them live longer. Her parents want to use Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy to improve her chances of survival and improve her overall health and improve her immunity.

When I began doing QEST with I.H, she was in a special needs class at school because surgeries had damaged her fine motor skills and the lowered-oxygen levels over time had affected her ability to read. She is very bright, highly verbal, and able to recite back what has just been read to her. However she was unable to read or write intelligibly.

I started with the foundational cranial work that I'd learned. In less than a month her teacher put her in a more advanced group and began sending homework assignments with simple words and math assignments. She has advanced in reading and math and now is being sent to regular classes (not special needs) for increasing periods of time.

I progressed through QEST in order. I.H. Has not had a seizure in almost 2 years which I'm very proud of. I really believe QEST is the reason she's not had one. Her bouts of illness are becoming less frequent and less severe. She continues to progress in school and with QEST we are accomplishing our goal of improving her immunity and overall health.

ALSO: A few months after receiving QEST, I.H.s teacher said "There must be something to this. I think that every kid in class ought to have some of this work.' And she told a couple of parents that they should bring their child. She came for QEST herself after an injury. Other teachers said that I.H. had improved "significantly' in schoolwork.