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Knee & Hip Pain; Anxiety & Heart Palpitations
Brain Fog, Fatigue, Trouble Walking, Extreme Pain in Legs
Brain, Mental Focus
Extreme Menstrual Problems Ended with QEST
Learning Difficulties, Fine Motor Skills, Seizures, Immunity
From a QEST Practitioner - Effective Options
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Neck & Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Retired NFL Footbal Player's Experience
Osteoporosis, Kyphosis, Gut Health, Quality of Life
Arthritis: Low Back, Hip, Shoulder & Learning QEST
Helping Children with Learning Difficulties
Ear Infections? Tubes? Not with QEST!
From a Personal Trainer:
World Chamption Tri-Athlete -- Sports Injury
Thanks to...Quantum Energetics for Such a Great Athletic Lifestyle!!
I've Studied Over 10 Modalities... QE Gives Consistent Results
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Deafness Helped by Quantum Energetics
Vision Improvement!
Bladder Pain, Anxiety Attacks, Arthritis, Neck-Back-Hip Pain, Swallowing
Breathing Difficulty
Horses Get Impressive Results with Quantum Energetics
Closed Head Injuries, Concussions
Carsickness, Neck Pain, Headaches, and more....
QE Helps My Whole Family
Systemic Problems, Headache, Fractured Hip, Broken Back, Injured Eye
Severe Pain--Spine, Neck, and Hip & Migraines
Chronic Severe Vertigo
Tailbone Injury / Pain
Extreme Breathing Difficulty
Longstanding Aches and Sharp Pain
"I have seen many alternative health practitioners...."
QE Has Saved Hundreds of Dollars in Preventive and Acute Care for My Family.and Me
Shoulder, Upper Back Problems
Severe Sciatica
Persistent Neck and Shoulder Pain
From BRAINLASH re: Head Injuries and Whiplash
Soccer Injury
One of the Most Exciting and Effective Modalities...
Whiplash Recovery
Transformational Recovery with QE... from 20 Year Disability
Breast Tumor Gone with Quantum Energetics
Intense Neck Pain - Arm Pain Alleviated with QE
Knee Injury
What I Have Done to Promote Health while Confronting Cancer
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Ends after 15 Years
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Resolved with QE
Too good to be true. Oh, come on, get off it.
More Positive Energy with Quantum Energetics
Impressive Recovery from Hip Surgery
Hyperactive Child
Knee Injury Recovered Quickly
I'm Now Dedicating Myself to Helping Others with QE
Gymnastic Injury Quickly Resolved with QE
Serious Health Problems
Depression and PMS Helped with QE
Improvement from Head Injury, 34 Years Later
Constant Head and Neck Pain Gone with QE
Walking, Breathing
Knee Pain Relieved with Quantum Energetics
Calmer and Happier with Quantum Energetics
This Work is Life Changing and Profound
Chronic TMJ Pain, Sciatica, Arm-Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Tightness & Muscular Pain Resolved
Since I started Quantum Energetics treatments I have come off all of my pain medication!
Great Appreciation for QE
Mysterious Pain in My Chest
Achilles Injury

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Horses Get Impressive Results with Quantum Energetics

Nicole is one of many Quantum Energetics Practitioners who has achieved dramatic results with animals. Animals do not improve because of a placebo effect, so the outcome speaks loudly of the great efficacy of QEST .

Nicole Eaton, CO

Nicole has a sizable Quantum Energetics practice working with horses, as well as people, in the Denver area.

Owners notice that the horses' temperament and attitude toward people changes positively. After QEST, some people experience that their horses will do everything that the rider is asking because their back is no longer hurting. When in pain, horses feel irritated and don't want to be bothered. Lots of people don't see their horses' irritability as a cry for help which is unfortunate. Horses will perform for hours if they don't have pain.

Nicole sees accelerated healing from injuries. A farrier asked how she got a hoof to grow back so fast. Using QEST, the horse's injury improved and the hoof grew out quickly.

One farrier began referring horses to Nicole before she ever met him. He had noticed that some horses were easier to shoe because their attitude had changed. They were more cooperative, more willing to stand quietly for him. He asked the owners why and was told that "All the horses on your list are horses that Nicole has worked using Quantum Energetics". Soon he wanted to have her practice QEST with all new horses before he shod them.

A trainer commented that some horses seemed "mentally incabable of taking signals - like they had a mental block". After QEST, they became much better.

Nicole is a 2002 graduate of Quantum Energetics Institute and works in the Denver area.