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Knee & Hip Pain; Anxiety & Heart Palpitations
Brain Fog, Fatigue, Trouble Walking, Extreme Pain in Legs
Brain, Mental Focus
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Learning Difficulties, Fine Motor Skills, Seizures, Immunity
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World Chamption Tri-Athlete -- Sports Injury
Thanks to...Quantum Energetics for Such a Great Athletic Lifestyle!!
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QE Helps My Whole Family
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Chronic Severe Vertigo
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Longstanding Aches and Sharp Pain
"I have seen many alternative health practitioners...."
QE Has Saved Hundreds of Dollars in Preventive and Acute Care for My Family.and Me
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Severe Sciatica
Persistent Neck and Shoulder Pain
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Transformational Recovery with QE... from 20 Year Disability
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This Work is Life Changing and Profound
Chronic TMJ Pain, Sciatica, Arm-Shoulder Pain
Lower Back Tightness & Muscular Pain Resolved
Since I started Quantum Energetics treatments I have come off all of my pain medication!
Great Appreciation for QE
Mysterious Pain in My Chest
Achilles Injury

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Transformational Recovery with QE... from 20 Year Disability

My name is Anne Danzer. For two decades I was disabled with leg and back problems. I couldn't walk normally and was in a lot of pain. I have QE to thank for giving me my life back. Let me share with you what happened

Anne Danzer, Shelter Cove, CA / Quantum Energetics Practitioner

At age 18, while working as a landscaper, I pulled my iliocostalis muscle, as diagnosed by an orthopedist. He suggested that I see a D.C. With this treatment, I'd be good for a day or so and then I'd crash.

One day, while walking, I sneezed and fell to the floor with an immediate complete loss use of my right leg. I had pain in that leg but was unable to move it. I was hospitalized for my injury 3 times in 3 years. I had a myelelogram with dye which showed the disc at L5-S1 was severely herniated, affecting the sciatic nerve. My orthopedist didn't want to do surgery because I was so young and statistically surgery didn't look favorable. To walk for the next two decades, I had to swing it forward like a prosthesis.

I had some relief from a chymopapain injection to dissolve the inside of the disc to relief the bulge. From that, I got back a little use back of my leg, and had feelings in parts of it, but still had to swing it forward to walk. After about ½ hr. of either sitting or standing, I'd have to lie down because the pain was that severe.

Because of the stress of the chronic pain (and nodules grown on the spine which kept irritating the sciatic nerve) I developed arthritis in joints throughout my body and severe allergies (to food many airborne offenders).

When I was 38, a friend urged me to go to a Quantum Energetics practitioner for allergy relief. I did not even mention my back problems and was actually somewhat skeptical.

My practitioner progressed through the linear sequence of QE codes, and I was surprised when she found codes for my back. I hadn't even considered my back fixable. Yet after about 3 sessions, I got off the table feeling strength and no pain in my right leg. Furthermore, my joints felt like “satin”.

Within the next few days, the muscles in my leg started to come alive and by the 5th session of weekly treatments, I started going to aerobics, started hiking and doing things I hadn't been able to do since age 18!

As I continued with QE, layers of healing happened and my ability to function resumed. My leg is “perfectly wonderful”…I have only a small amount of numbness in a place on my lower leg. It's such a gift to be able to be able to walk normally. Sometimes I have a little back discomfort, but it is a fraction of 1% compared with what I lived with for years.

I was able to start adding foods to my diet, such as dairy (I'd been dairy-free since age 12).

Looking back, I'd always felt like my body had let me down. Then it was the greatest gift to learn that my body could actually heal with Quantum Energetics! As I began to experience the dramatic results with QE, I realized the great importance for moving through the work and having everything done for me that was available in QE. This included the emotional codes taught at QEI.

I was so appreciative and impressed that in 2003 I decided to become a QE practitioner. I graduated from QEI in 2005. As I've worked with my own clients, I've observed that some have quick results as I did, while many require a longer course of visits with layers of problems to be addressed before they get results for their original complaint. But, along the way they notice improvement with other conditions that they might not have even remembered to include on their Client Intake Form.

As you're reading this, please remember that I did not imagine that my leg and back problems could be resolved, so nothing like power of positive thinking was involved. I'm so extremely grateful that I had the inner motivation to stick with the work, even though as a single mother, it was often a struggle financially. If I'd insisted on having results within a few visits I wouldn't be experiencing the quality of life that I have now!

Quantum Energetics (Structured Therapy) stimulates the body's own healing abilities!