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Silja Bjorklund - Silja Bjorklund, Quantum Energetics Practitioner      
Service Area
California, North San Diego County
273 Gardendale Road
Encinitas, CA 92024
Cell Phone:
Quantum Energetics, Reiki, Metagenics
Silja is certified through the Western Institute of Natural Healing and has been practicing in Encinitas, California for the past 4 years. She incorporates Reiki, Allergy Treatments, Nutrition and Homeopathy into her practice.

The following is a personal QE story from one of her clients:

"I began QE just before surgery for a bladder cancer that my surgeon said would probably reoccur within three months. It is now thirteen months later. I am cancer free and feeling very strong. I attribute this to my QE treatments which I believe have strengthened my immune system and supported my healing both physically and emotionally. I have enormous trust in Silja and this process."

Barbara , San Diego, CA.

Her experience has prompted her to become a QE practitioner herself in the near future.

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