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Weekend Intensive Schedule:

Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

     *A minimum of 100 additional internship / clinic hours with an instructor are required, in addition to classroom hours. If needed, your instructors may assign more internship / clinic hours if needed for developing confidence and competency.

Note:  All twelve of the weekend intensives (every other month) are required for learning Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy.  That is, weekend intensives are not offered as "stand-alone" classes. 

Dates of Quantum Energetics Institute Classes:

NOTE: QEI Classes / Intensives are a series of 12, approximately every 8 weeks (every other month), over a period of about 20 months.  (Scroll down for notice of classes taught in Colorado & California.)

Instruction at each class / intensive is built upon learning at the previous intensive.  There are also practical QEST assignments: (a) work with student's own volunteers (b) separate internship hours to complete between classes (c) tests to be taken at each class (d) a few additional assignments

So it is that Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy is not a modality to be learned in a single weekend. Quantum Energetics Institute provides valuable training over a long enough period of time for the student to really integrate the instruction--in 12 weekends, spread over 20+ months.  All 12 classes are REQUIRED.   Here is the tentative class schedule:

I.  Quantum Energetics Institute classes in COLORADO

     a.  FORT COLLINS, CO QEI CLASS (north of Denver, CO) 

A new class taught by Judith Heath, Master QEST Practitioner, will begin June 8-10 2018.  Dates are listed below.  Also, at least one required 90 min webinar will be scheduled, between classes.   For more information or to apply, Contact Judith at 970-412-7992   or JudithQE@gmail.com

Here is the tentative class schedule:


     ...1. June 8-10

     ...2.  July 27-29

     ...3. September 21-23

     ...4.  November 9-11

     ...5. January 11-13, 2019

     ...6.  March 1-3

     ...7.  April 12-14

     ...8.  June 7-9

     ...9.  August 2-4

     ...10.  October 11-13

     ...11.  December 6-8

    ...12.   February 6-8, 2020  Final class & GRADUATION
     Class is  taught by Judith Heath, Master QEST Practitioner.

*While it is often quite difficult to change dates, sometimes if a student knows months ahead of time of a conflict (such as a wedding, required class, etc.), it is sometimes possible to move a class 1 week earlier or later--IF it works for all other class members and the instructors.

*  *  *  *  *



If you or someone you know would like to learn QUANTUM ENERGETICS STRUCTURED THERAPY in a future class with Judith , call 970-412-7992 if you are interested. Or e-mail: JudithQE@gmail.com  

  *   *   *   *   *

II.  Quantum Energetics Institute classes in CALIFORNIA

a.  San Andreas, CA.   Class is taught by Donna Carmony, Master QEST Practitioner.  For more information on future classes, e-mail Donna at donnacarmony@yahoo.com

* * *

b.  Temucula, CA   QEI classes taught in Temecula by Kathleen Krellner, Master QEST practitioner.  To find out more information or to enroll, contact Kathleen Krellner ( kathleenqep@yahoo.com or www.blossomhealthandwellness.com  or www.quantumenergeticsforhealth.com  Call 951-587-2949 )

 * * *

 One QEI graduate said: "Learning QE(ST) was the best money I ever spent"--J.V.

 Also: "Quantum Energetics (Structured Therapy is a form of energetic healing that is one of the most exciting and effective modalities I’ve come across." --S.I., D.C.


COST for classes at each location: Contact instructors for specific class location in which you are interested.  See contact information with each class, above.

LOCATIONS:   Colorado:  Fort Collins, CO; Denver, CO area

California:  San Andreas, CA;  Temecula, CA

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