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Judith Heath, Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics    Heath Works, Inc.

1113 Stoney Hill Dr. Suite C
Ft Collins, CO 80525 Fort Collins, Denver, Broken Bow-NE, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska


Quantum Energetics services for clients

Quantum Energetics instruction at Quantum Energetics Institute. Know someone who might want to learn this valuable work? Have them call.

Judith Heath is a Master Practitioner of Quantum Energetics?. She maintains practices in both Fort Collins and Denver, Colorado, and has built her QE? clientele by referrals from satisfied clients. Many had already tried other modalities, and were "at the end of their rope" when they had life-changing results with Quantum Energetics. These experiences parallel Judith's personal QE experience. Others have come to QE because they have seen powerful results with family members or friends and have wanted its protective and restorative benefits, even if they were not currently experiencing symptoms. Regardless of what brings the individual to QE, each benefits from Judith's warmth, experience, and conscientious care.

After working over 30 years with Quantum Energetics, she has witnessed changes in hundreds of people's bodies and lives as a result of this potent energy work. She has profound respect, passion, and dedication for practicing and teaching QE. She has deep compassion for individuals, and has devoted a great deal of time, expertise, and energy to research and the furthering of Quantum Energetics.

Dedicated to the expansion of Quantum Energetics to new areas, she enjoys teaching this potent energy healing modality at Quantum Energetics Institute, which she founded in 1995. Classes are held in Fort Collins, CO.

Satellite QEI classes are held in South Lake Tahoe / San Andreas. Plans are being made for new classes to begin soon in Eureka, CA; Littleton, CO; and Temecula, CA.

Judith continues independent studies in her quest to grow both personally and professionally. She is a Board Member of International New Physiology Association. She also publishes the Quantum e-LINK for QE practitioners and students to network, inspire, and share information. She has had previous satellite practices in Arizona, California, Iowa, Maryland, and Nebraska, and has promoted the benefits of QE with lectures and workshops throughout the U.S.

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