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QEST: Effective For Animals

Judith Heath, Master QE Practitioner, Colorado


"Over the years, many Quantum Energetics Structured Therapy practitioners have had remarkable success in working with animals. The QEST "language" and corrective procedures work, regardless of whether the animals have a strong belief in the modality or not!

Here is an example of QEST used for helping animals: Several years ago, a friend called to tell me that her large German Shephard had been run over by a vehicle. Her veterinarian had told her that her dog was bleeding internally, but did not recommend surgery. Death was imminent. She wondered if I could help her beloved friend. When I went to my friend’s house, I sat on the floor, and her dog dragged himself across the floor and laid his head in my lap.

I began with the foundational work in Quantum Energetics". Then, with surrogate testing, I proceded to use QE Lists, checked for injured arteries and veins in the abdominal area, and did specific QE hands-on energetic procedures for codes which I found. The dog recovered immediately and completely and received no further treatment."