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Life Changing: QEST

Sandra Freeman, QE Master Practitioner


“I had been a bodywork therapist for 12 years when I first heard about QEST at an evening presentation. I was then so drawn to the work that I approached the presenter and told her I knew I was supposed to experience it and learn it!”

I began to receive QEST in my mid thirties. I did not have significant physical pain nor did I have severe presenting complaints to resolve, yet I found the results of the work to be life changing and profound. Overall I found that my body functioned better – digestion, immunity and energy level all improved markedly.

Also I felt it opened the door to greater healing emotionally and spiritually, for which I was really grateful.”

(Sandra is a Master QEST Practitioner with an honorary EMD.  She is a health advocate with a strong background in nutrition, herbs and energy medicine.  She is an instructor at QEI, teaching others to do QEST.)