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How Does it Work, etc.?
Judith Heath
- How does it work, etc.


We each have a physical body composed of matter. We can see it. Quantum physics recognizes that matter in its most elemental form is energy. As bodies composed of energy, we are affected by energy. The energy body can be seen of film through Kirlian photography, although most of us cannot see it. Quantum Energetics™ practitioners believe that this energy body infuses the physical body and extends slightly beyond it-and that it forms a type of template (energy pattern or blueprint) for the physical body. The strength and ease with which the mysterious life force flows through the energy body affects the function of the physical body.

Disruptions can be caused by birth trauma, physical injuries, stress, and other imbalances. Head injuries, even those that have not caused unconsciousness, are particularly significant in the disruption of energy patterns and can cause effects years later. Why would these disruptions stay? Why wouldn't the body "self-heal"? Once these disruptions are present, they may be perpetuated by cellular memory.

Any Disruption in the energy body results in a reduced flow of energy to and through the corresponding part of the physical body. Therefore, there is less healing energy available to the very area that most needs it! If the disruption is large, it shows up as disease or impaired function. Quantum Energetics™ practitioners focus on the energy which gives us life and optimum health rather than just addressing symptoms. They work with underlying causes of problems and address different factors at each visit.

Quantum Energetics™ is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that follows a systematic approach. Numerical codes that correspond vibrationally with conditions of the energy body are utilized, along with specialized kinesiology (muscle testing). These methods are used to obtain information (yes-no answers) from the body itself about what needs to be done. Energy from the practitioner's hands is then directed to a particular area of the body to assist in re-establishing the energy pattern, so the body can begin needed repair. Your body does the healing; your practitioner directs energy to trigger that process. (Your practitioner may also make herbal/nutritional suggestions to assist your progress.) Programming the procedures into appropriate memory centers affords lasting results. This "programming" is much like saving on a computer, so that the same procedures generally do not have to be repeated. The body is then able to operate at a higher level, and general health can improve.

The Length of time required will vary widely depending on frequency of visit and number of conditions involved. Different numerical codes will be checked in sequence at each visit and appropriate energy work done. The increased energy to each area of focus allows the body to heal itself in a natural strengthening process.

Symptomatic relief, however, may not signal the end of the Quantum Energetics™ work. The body's ability to compensate may have masked other underlying and related problems that will need to be addressed for complete energy balance. QE™ emphasizes general health improvement from progressive work. Maintenance care is recommended for optimum health.

Quantum Energetics can result in a heightened energy level, an improved sense of well being, a strengthened immune response, and the identification of problems that are in the beginning stages. Also, positive results have been experienced with many problems such as the following:

Structural Pain/Weakness — for example, injuries to neck and back, hip, knee, feet, shoulder, elbow, wrist and ribs. These conditions include pain from sports injuries, whiplash, falls, and "over-use".

Metabolic Disorders & Syndromes — affecting circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and reproductive systems, such as chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, circulatory problems, and various toxic reactions.

Other — HEAD INJURIES, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and much more.


Thoroughness of QEI Teaching
Marina Poling
- February 2009

“I graduated from QEI almost 7 years ago this April. In that time, I have had the chance to see my own abilities expand through my work experience.

I attribute my ability to investigate and get good results to the strength, thoroughness and content of our QEI foundational coursework. When we graduate we have the tools to always move our work beyond what we know.

Judith Heath has a great passion, integrity and love for the work and has a great sense for each student and what he/she needs to succeed.”


From the book: BRAINLASH
Gail L. Denton
- Quantum Energetics

This is an emerging therapy that focuses on accessing the brain and reminding it of its functions, area by area. I have been impressed with the clarity my brain gains and holds with each treatment I receive. Quantum Energetics can stimulate and strengthen your immune system and support your brain in the healing process.

The treatment is external, noninvasive, painless, and effective. Quantum Energetics evaluates almost all body systems energetically, so a variety of trauma-related conditions can be addressed. This can include cranial bone trauma, dural trauma, whiplash-type injury, immune system damage, and soft tissue damage.

People with brain injuries report relief from headache, depression, seizures, visual imbalances, cognitive disorders, and speech difficulties. Improved coordination and increased energy levels generally follow. Quantum energetics integrates with and can enhance other therapies such as vision therapy, speech therapy, cranial sacral therapy, and massage therapy, Practitioners of quantum energetic are certified.

From Gail L. Denton's book: BRAINLASH: Maximize Your Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, pp. 252-253


I Learned; Look What is Possible!
Chris P. (CA)--QEI '07
- November '07

"Not only is Chris our oldest QE Practitioner, but she is a lovely, gracious, young-at-heart individual who seems to have "found her own" in helping people with QE. She has really proven what is possible with strong motivation. We're so proud of this excellent new practitioner and her accomplishments...both in learning QE and in helping others!"--Judith Heath, Head QEI Instructor & Donna Carmony, QEI Instructor

I just graduated on November 11, 2007 as a QE Practitioner--at 77 yrs. old!

My journey to this point was a long one. I wasn't able to start school until I was almost 7 1/2. Then, when I was almost 16, I met the love of my life and got married, so I never went to high school. By 23, I had 3 sons. I had to do menial work all of my life to put food on the table.

In addition to physical labor, I was a caregiver for some decades. My husband was disabled from an auto accident and I his caregiver for about 10 years until he died of a massive heart attack. For a couple of years, I was the lone caregiver for my son, who at 10 was badly burned. I cared for my mom for one year before her death and for my sister most of the time for 3 yrs. before she died. Then, I gave my dad 24-7 care for 15 years until his death.

By then, I was 67, worn out and half dead myself, when I was introduced to QE. It gave me back my life--literally. I haven't felt this good for over 30 years. What if I could learn to do QE?

At age 75, I was privileged to begin Quantum Energetics Institute's classes. With my limited education, I didn't know if I could do it but I was determined to give it a try.

It wasn't easy, but has been so rewarding and actually fun to be able to use my brain instead of brawn. Best of all I am able now to help people stay healthy with quality of life. I wish I'd had this knowledge and ability long ago; it might have helped save some of my loved ones's lives. Meanwhile, I'm loving being able to help people now.

Update:  2013--Chris writes that she hopes to come to next year's QEST conference.


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