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Helping Children with Learning Difficulties
Judith Heath
- 2013

A third grade girl named J. spoke intelligently with complex sentences and yet had great difficulties in school.  She studied hard but was unable to remember math facts.  Sadly, she told me that in school "math-downs' (like spell-downs) her team always lost because she had to use her fingers to arrive at simple answer to math questions such as 5 + 3 = 8.  If she had enough fingers, she could come up with the right answer but fingers didn't work for multiplication or division.  After she experienced a few sessions with QEST, she was elated to tell me "My team WON because I did't have to count on my fingers!"

Spelling had been impossible for her.  Her teacher told me "If only the other children would study as hard as J. does, but it doesn't help her!"  She'd study hard but get zeros on her tests because she couldn't retain what she'd tried to learn.  At one QEST session her father said "We are so excited!  J. was sick and absent from school for a few days.  When she went back she had to take a unit spelling test.  And she got 100%!!!"  Somehow, all of the studying she'd previously done had not been futile.  The information was in her brain and QEST, with improved brain function, had enabled her to access it.

One day she brought a book to read for me.  I knew the book wasn't quite at a third grade level but she was reading confidently.  I asked her mother "How does this compare to her reading before I worked with her?"  She replied "J. couldn't read before.  At all.  She could only identify two small words such as "and" and "the".  Now she is reading!"

J. had sustained numerous blows to her head such as stepping on a roller skate and hitting her head on her dresser.  Crashing her bicycle and hitting her head on a flagpole.  Results of these injuries, in addition to birthing trauma, had been addressed with QEST and the results were so gratifying.

Fifteen T.R.'s father brought him to me with a week's-old muscular injury to his thigh.  Since he loved sports, both father and son were eager to have his leg strong and free of pain.  I worked through the sequence of QEST and also did some specific things to address his sports injury.  One day, after his upper leg was better, he came with a sprained ankle.  When he left, his father was astonished that he was no longer limping and this encouraged his hopeful but somewhat skeptical father to bring him for more appointments.

Even more impressive than help with structural injuries was what happened regarding T.R.'s ADD.  He appeared bright but had trouble focusing and remembering.  He hated school and had a "D" average.  Part-way through addressing T.R.'s conditions "in QEST order", I came to a section of our work that addressed old and even subtle head injuries.  At our next appointment, his dad told me that he could tell T.R. tasks to do in the morning and he remembered to do them.  That fall, in 9th grade, T.R. had a "B" average! 

Several years later, I called his father to see what was happening.  T.R. was in college with a "B" average.  His father knew that this could never have happened without QEST and expressed his appreciation for the wonderful change in his son's life.

A little girl was brought to QEST because of coordination problems.  After appointments during summer she was not only able to run better, but when she went back to her country school in the fall, her teacher said "This is not the same child!"  Previously she'd been tested as "retarded".  (That word was used then.)  So she was re-tested at the same facility and the conclusion was "average intelligence"--quite a difference from being a child with special needs.

A somber 5 yr. old boy had such ADHD that his mother said he couldn't stick with anything unless it was destructive and then he could be focused for 15 minutes.  He was angry toward other children and told his mother "I hate you and I hate the world."  She was in despair: "What am I going to do when he is 15!?"  I found him easy to work with from the beginning, though he never smiled.  

He only came once a month and when I saw him for the second visit, his mother reported progress already in terms of calmness and focus.  I asked him if he was aware of what was different.  "Well, for one thing, I'm sleeping better."  Even as a baby, he'd never slept well. 

It only took a few more QEST visits and his mother said that teachers were commenting about how cooperative he was.  His mother said he became her most considerate child.  She decided that it was time for her other children and herself to receive QEST and did not continue to bring this son.  I worked with him years later for after a head injury.  He was a normally adjusted 12 yr. old boy with a ready smile; he no longer seemed like an angry old man in a child's body.

A 5 yr. old boy with autism was brought for QEST.  After one session during Christmas vacation, when he returned to school his teacher commented that he was more focused.  "You must have done a lot of work with him during break!"  They hadn't.  The only thing different was that he'd had QEST.


Training at QEI: from a DMD
Nina Mihaychuk, DMD
- Maryland

“Quantum Energetics™ is a remarkable healing method that transforms the individual’s health and quality of life.

My training with Judith Heath at QEI was one of the highlights of my professional education. The depth of her academic lessons and her true mastery of QE made the “hands on” aspects of the training invaluable.”


"Best Money I Ever Spent!"
Julie van der Linden
- from CA

“Best money I ever spent”

2007 QEI Graduate


No Gizmos: QEST is the most amazing work
June Turnbull
- February 2009

Having graduated from QEI in 2004, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in the work of Quantum Energetics for the past years. In my experience, I have found it to be the most amazing work, in that I notice how it consistently helps people. Over the years, I have worked with other modalities, but none where I felt as assured of success as QE. It always astounds me, since there are aspects of QE that are rather non-linear. In addition, my ability to elicit healing for my own problems and those of my family has been amazing. Since I learned QE, I have not had one trip to a chiropractor or physical therapist, and have saved hundreds of dollars in preventive and acute care for my family and me.

A year after I graduated from QEI, I also acquired a Quantum Biofeedback device and had in excess of 500 hours of training to become a Certified Biofeedback Technician. I still, however, find myself using QE more of the time on the clients I work with, as I have found the results to be much more noticeable, reliable and effective – especially for cases that involve pain in the body. QE has an amazing way of helping me tune-in to what the issue at hand is and bring healing to the area. In addition, the fact that I have learned to do this work without the aid of any electrical devise, laboratory, x-ray or other gizmo is empowering. I like the idea of having my own health care and ability to determine what my body needs left in my own hands. That is the future of health as I see it – our self-empowerment and ability to help ourselves with our health.


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